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With almost 20 years experience in Human Resources, we are proud that our Staff Solutions are the best choice for your instant mobilization of a temporary labor force. Leave hard works to us because we know how to help you leverage these valued manpower to achieve your business goals in a fast and efficient manner.

Staff Contracting:

NetViet basically employs staff, trains them and then seconds them to you, i.e you ‘hire’ our staff for a particular project (normally less than 12 months).

Staff Legalization:

If you are not able to sign a labor contract with your already-recruited staff (headcount control, paper workload, etc,), NetViet will do it on your behalf and as such “legalize” them.


Have a workforce immediately for your business.

Decrease your staff fixed cost and convert it to a value-added taxable (VAT) one.

Our assurance for confidentiality.