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This service aims to get right talents for your organization. It includes:

Excetive Search and Selection:

NetViet targets to middle and top managers who have good leadership skills, international exposure, solid background and hands-on experience in their fields of working.

With a large pool of outstanding candidates (more than 20000 people as 2017) stored in a powerful software and categorized in general management, sales and marketing, accounting, IT, etc.

We can at annytime satisfy your need for talents.


While doing your business, you may know a star who is most likely working for your competitor. You want to get him(her) right there for your organization.

It has never been that easy! Just let us know and we do the rest for you.

Employee Assessment:

This value-added service allows you to evaluate knowledge and ability of the staff you want to employ, to rotate, or to promote.

A NetViet’s combined test of general knowledge, math and logical thinking, and English (optionally supported by a thorough interview conducted by our HR experts) will help you know better your staff’s capabilities.

Simple! Send your employee(s) to us and get the results.