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You want to get rid of helfty back-office work in order to focus on your business mainstream? Outsourcing might be the best solution. At NetViet, we provide our clients with excellent outsourcing service, including:


NetViet plays a role as your Compensation & Benefits (C&B) Division, in charge of various duties normally assumed by your C&B officers.

Packaged HR

Imagine an HR department just outside your company. For this service, NetViet functions as your personel depatment, being responsible for stategies, recruitment and selection, trainining, C&B, etc. Usually after one year building up a proper HR Department, we sill handover it to you.

Help you comply with the most updated local labor regulations that are often regarded as 'vague' and 'complicated'.

Decreases od administraion and paper work

All payroll entries are managed by a state-of-the-art payroll software and double-checked by two officers (guaranteed loss reimbursement).

All work is managed in a strict timescale as agreed with clients.

Our assurance for confidentiality.