RE: 20th Anniversary (2000-2020) – Staffing Solution Promotion

RE: 20th Anniversary (2000-2020) – Staffing Solution Promotion

Dear Valued Customer,

Greetings from NetViet – the first Vietnamese human resource (HR) service provider since 2000.

It’s my pleasure to talk to you this afternoon. As discussed, please see below the 2020 Promotion.

Program of our Staffing Solutions:

1. Staffing Solutions (SS):

SS is an innovative and flexible alternative to the traditional recruitment. With SS, you can utilize the power of human resources without recruiting a single person. Our generous solutions range from “Legalizing” your existing staff to taking charge of a complete project for you. Talk to us about your need then sit and relax, we shall manage to do all hefty workload for you.

Convenient: Having teams and teams of people working for you and complete all given tasks after a single phone call – How does it sound?

Efficient: Several trivial things will disturb your main goal. Stay focused by outsourcing what bothers you most and gets you all headaches like HR management.

Economical: We gain the economies of scale advantage because we do it at a huge quantity. The cost at your end will therefore be the lowest, for sure. Moreover, converting all staff salaries to a single monthly VAT bill will absolutely benefit your accounting.

2. 2020 Promotion:

To celebrate our 20 years in operations (2000 – 2020) and as a token of our appreciation to all highly valued clients who have been working with us since the inception, we run a very special promotion program throughout the year.

->Staff Legalizing (SL) starts as low as VND 200K /person/month.
->Staffing Full Service (FS), including recruiting, training, managing work, checking results, payrolls, legal issues, etc…, begins at a shocking rate of only 20% on top payroll.
->Payroll Service (PRL): in case you want to outsource your payroll, you come to the right place. We have years and years experience of handling payrolls for our clients. For this year, the service fee starts from 1.2% on top payroll.

Still dubious? We understand and want to lift it off from you. Having said that, we offer a two month free option. Yes, you hear it right. There are two first months completely free for you. At the end of the period, if you want to leave, feel free to do it – no question will be asked. However we stronglybelieve you will stay, as all of our clients did.

We guarantee that you will never find such a competitive pricing and policy with the same high end quality service elsewhere. But wait … it’s not an end yet. On top of that, we back it up with our price matching program. If you find any prices lower than ours, we will match it.

The long list of benefits continues. Did we tell you that by using our SS you get access to a deep discount for our Executive Search and Selection (ESS)? Our standard price is 200% of the selected candidate’s gross salary. Yours now is just 175%. By the way, ESS is the first service we launched inthe year of 2000; you can always rely on the quality of such a time proven service.

3. Our clients:

We are proud of serving several multinationals for the last 20 years – Hewlett Parkard, Suntory Pepsico, Mearsk, Chubb Life, TUV Rheinland, Nippon … just to name a few. Especially, we are extremely thrilled to have the Embassy of the United States of America and the Embassy of Italy in our client list. To such reputable customers, we devote all our efforts.

In summary, you get a top-notch service at a deep discount and no risk at all. It happens once every decade only. Don’t let anything hold you back? Feel confident to reap all of these valuable benefits NetViet has to offer. Attached is the Order Form. Please fill it out and send it back to us or call us Today.

Otherwise, please allow us to telephone you after three working days to follow up this issue. Thank you in advance.

Yours sincerely,



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